Al Khor Holding is a Qatari-based newly established company, which is to become the new face and active side to an existing family business since 1962 (Al Misnad Group). Over the past 60 years, the portfolio of assets grew from initial investment in Qatar’s real estate market to numerous sectors within Qatar which has given a strong foundation and understanding to approach global markets. Now, Al Khor Holding has an investment portfolio consisting of assets which extend globally across private and public equity in multiple sectors and industries such as real estate, power generation, industrial & manufacturing, hospitality, trading & contracting, oil & gas, and financial services. Through this growing portfolio, Al Khor Holding has developed an extensive network of subsidiaries and associated businesses both in Qatar and globally. Al Khor Holding, by nature of its structure, acts as a financial investor, expanding its portfolio coverage worldwide. Al Khor Holding invests and asset manages its portfolio. Through the subsidiaries and associations, the day to day management of assets takes place.